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Uptied -Trailer

Trailer for the shortmovie “Uptied” directed by Florian Dassler.

Dick: Jeff Caster
Bob: Mat Nichol

Director of photography: Nikolai Nivera
Assistant direktor & assistant Camera : Cleo Schwinkowski
Lighting: Sascha Wilkens
Music & Sounddesign: Sebastian Morgenstern
Make up: Janine Schoch
Editing: Nikolai Nivera & Cleo Schwinkowski
Musik: Norman Dassler
Compositing: Bjarne Wilking
Producer; Florian Dassler & Nikolai Nivera
Writen & directed: Florian Dassler

“Bob Pickles, a stuffy, reclusive citizen, lives in a neighborhood in which rules are important, elementary and almost essential for survival. Misguided and absolut determined, Bob pursues to finish making a mysterious object, that has not yet been identified by Dick, the shady man in the black suit. Convinced that Bobs´s pursuit will finally result in an act of terrorism, Dick takes the initiative and kidnaps Bob, ties hin up in a gloomy basement and starts tu question him in order to make hin confess. Unfortunately the interrogation goes terribly wrong.